Friday, December 31, 2004

New year


Check out in case you have not donated yet. You really, really should.

Uh, went to the pub today, and got drunk. i'm pretty sure I had something fascinating to say, but I'm drunk and have forgotten that. So screw it, I will talk about Bucky O Hare.

You cannot believe how hard it is to type coherently when not sober. Yes, Bucky O hare is brilliant....

Oh screw this, I'll write more when sober.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

She don't use jelly

Just listening to it. You gotta love the Flaming Lips. And if you don't you probably have a blackened heart.

I assume you have heard about the flood distaster? Check out the red cross or oxfam if you want to donate to help... in fact most charities have something abou this. And so they should. 60,000 or so dead, and unless there is a big move to help (which I think there will be), it will only get higher. Urgh, you do your best fighting simple causes like world imbalances and then nature comes along and fucks shit up without human aid.

But its a good world we live in. I'd like to assert that. I think there are a lot of good people out there as well as bad, and I really do think we can make this world a better place. We've just got to do our best to work towards that.

I started coursework today, which was blindingly fun. I'm quite proud of myself, although I got less work done than I should. Annoyingly I am feeling tired right now, but its only 1:34. If I want to get the most out of today I need to stay up til at least 3. I've got the rest of Bucky 'O Hare to watch!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Dun dun dun dun Christmas!

Ah, I love christmas, I really do. Even the family arguments, which, this year, centred around me. See, I was right- the rules of the game clearly said something. However, everyone else in the family decided that, in fact, they did not say this. And so I showed them the rules, and read the rules to them, and explained it several times. And got shouted at repeatedly. Until finally everyone agreed with me. Heh, if only I was always that right......

The oddest christmas present has to be the shopping voucher. I mean, its fine as a gift, theres nothing with giving money. Its just this idea that a ten pound shopping voucher is somehow more personal than 10 pounds in cash. I guess its more effort, but in effect you are forcing someone to spend in a particular shop. How is that personal or better? But whatever, tis still money so its good.

This is probably the last time I eat meat for a long time. A lot of people are being heavily supportive to my, lets be fair, very difficult move into becoming a vegetarian. I won't last a few months, apparently. Some are having bets on how long I will last. Well let me make it clear now. I make no claims that I will succesfully always avoid meat. The point of this move is to avoid meat as much as possible, and I will always do my best. It does not mean I will fail.

One thing I'm probably going to fail at is going swimming. I really need to. It'd be nice to be more fit than I am; I am deeply, deeply unfit, and that is not good. But I am also deeply, deeply lazy, so we shall see which force triumphs here. If I can get into a schedule, I can succeed. But we shall see. We shall see.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Off to Wales

Went to Alex's party in London last night, and it was, to use the vernacular "bangin'". I got mightily drunk- I got drinks bought for me, which was pleasing, and danced like... well a drunken fool.

I also met Alex's friends, who seemed very cool. It was odd cause I barely knew anyone, and I'm not the best mingler in the world, but I mingled a little. I would say a mingle value of 5 was achieved.

Christ though, drinks are expensive in London. I always like to complain about Bath and old SW, but London takes the biscuit... Well I guess £2.50 isn't THAT much for a bottle, but according to how much money I have left now, it is too much if you're really, really drunk. I'm pretty sure at one point I failed as a vegetarian by eating some of a BLT. But I was hammered.

Can I mention the fact I was drunk anymore times? Nah.

Well, I'm off to Wales tomorrrow, to enjoy christmas, so I won't be posting during that period. So enjoy yourselves, have a merry christmas, and thank god its them instead of you.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

its hard work, working

As any student will testify, its hard work working. Especially when you have only been home for a few days, and the allure of a game boy or pc is rather hard to avoid. I have been poor with my posting recently, I admit, but in my defence I have..... been out drinking a lot. And watching Bucky O Hare with Ben (of my home town variety) Cat(another home towner) and Rob (same). For those of you who are interested in my particular interpersonal relationships, I will be going to a party tomorrow with Alex. Who is from Bath. And kind of has a girlfriend called Sally. At least, I think he still does......

Nothing that amusing or noteworthy has happened to me recently, other than the sausage casserole I had today. Which is sort of not vegetarian. Which is a pity, but I'm easing myself slowly into being a vegetarian after all. With all luck, I shall eventually reach the nirvana of veganism, but it is a long and treacherous road towards that goal.

Anyway, I haven't been doing coursework, although I might have to do a little bit tomorrow, as i'm beginning to feel a little bit guilty. Only a little bit though. Don't think I care that much. Well, to be fair its not guilt, its worry about failing that will make me do it eventually. Stupid work.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Back home

Well I'm back in old SW. After a suprisingly enjoyable evening of LOTR, I headed off, tired and cold, to the station, dragging my incredibly heavy baggage with me, where I had packed pretty much every single item of clothing I could fit in there.

It was bloody freezing on the way down, and it was quite a walk, but I imagined it, using my super strength and super.... walking.... abilities, reaching the station safely. Unfortunately, no amusing anecdotes came out of the journey back home, so I am sorry to disappoint you on that front.

Um, yeah, I got home fine, was exhausted and went down the pub (but of course!) where merriment was had by all concerned.

So yeah, the LOTR evening. Having stocked up heavily on snacks and beer, I went about consuming both with gay abandon. We also had a drinking game going- whenever we saw Sauron's eye, whenever Sam and Frodo did anything particularly gay, and whenever Pippin made us laugh (it does happen sometimes.... I didn't think that was a particularly good one to be honest, but whatever.)

I have to say, I felt quite ill at points, thanks to the sheer volume of food I managed to consume. I still didn't eat it all, but thats partially because I was offered food by others. I still managed to... sorry I am just editing this now and have forgotten what I still managed to do.

Watching LOTR apparently warps some peoples minds. Half way Ben turned to me and said

"Kieran, wouldn't a pidgeon be corrupted by the rings powers?"

That caused me quite the burst of hysterics. So yeah, it was quite a good evening actually.

Friday, December 17, 2004

A life less ordinary

Cause its a cool title for a post, thats why.

yeah, so I went out last night. Rather oddly, especially considering we (myself, Toby Paul and Alex) had a 9:15 the next day, we didn't leave til 11. Uh, in the evening that is. Otherwise we would have been pretty hardcore. Yeaaaah.
But yeah, we left at 11 in the evening, because Toby had to work. Why exactly we didn't go on wednesday, when he wasn't working, I'll never know, but it was alright 'cause we went to the huntsman, where it was £1.50 for a carlsberg. That is, I might add, cheaper than the SU bar. So yes, fun was had. I think I might have technically betrayed my vegetarian ideals. I was suspicious of those beef steak crisps. Apparently theyve never been near an animal, but they don't say suitable for vegetarians on them.......
Toby and Alex got really drunk, much to my amusement, then we headed home. I lost track of Toby, Alex, Fred and Paul, instead walking with male Alex (too many Alex's!) and his lady, Sally. I got home at like 2:30, and the others got back at like 3. Apparently they had been.... playing hide and seek...... at the garage. Well, whatver floats your boat.....
Unsurprisingly, we didn't make the lecture today (Toby looked totally ruined) although apparenyl Alex (female) did. Which is commitment. I have come in for a tutorial, and maybe to go to an architecture party. Which I don't know where it is, actually. Somewhere in the architecture department, I imagine.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hee hee

This is a real life site. Preserving the Scottish dialects indeed......

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Stuff, stuff, and yet more stuf

This was a good day cause I got to get up late, which means I get to sleep properly. I was invited to a party last night, but chose not to go as I only got back from campus at like 10. Of course, I could have done something a little more active than what I ended up doing, which is completing Sonic and Knuckles (for the megadrive) as sonic. God I rule!

I have to be the most prolific writer with the most unexciting of lifes, I swear. I'm going out tonight though, for crazy crazy wild fun. I'm also eagerly dreading the LOTR fest. I bought much beer for it today, as well as snack foods. I was shocked to learn that the local co-op does not stock microwaveable popcorn! What is wrong with the world when a simple farmer boy such as myself cannot buy himself masses of popcorn? Never mind, i will have to pick some up at sainsburys tomorrow.

Blunkett has resigned, so I hear. Good riddence. I don't care about his affairs, or some slight error over visa applications (oh yeah, hes sooooo corrupt), I care about the way he has mismanaged the countries law and order system. Particularly, giving powers to indefinitely detain people, and pretty much all his policies on aslyum seekers. Frankly, his replacement couldn't come sooner. If we're really lucky, this might screw Blair over too.....

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Well done

All those of you who went to - check out
it looks like Tenzin is going to be spared. He is still going to be imprisoned, so there is work to do, but this is proof that we really can make a difference, in a small way.


So yeah, went to party at O Neil's last night, which was reasonably enjoyable- I knew barely anyone, but meh. I hate having to pay for drinks at these kind of things though, and the music is always that tiny bit too loud. I had to get up this morning, so I didn't stay the full duration.

Afraid I didn't make a fool out of myself with any women, which must be dissapointing. I did meet Jungle again, a guy who I knew from first year, who had forgotten myself and Ben. This being despite being reminded constantly, and him even teaching me international drinking laws once. At his party, thinking about it.....

Monday, December 13, 2004

another day goes shooting by go send an email ya landlubbers. Just throwing in a little pirate speak for you there. My sources inform me that the classic game Pirates, by Sid Meier, has been remade! With shiny pretty graphics! Its meant to be rather good. Of course, my arsehole of a system will not run the damn thing, so this presents a dilemma as to whether I purchase it. The low amount of cash in my bank, however, solves that one.

I was reprimanded by Toby for having a tuna baguette today, after saying I wanted to become a vegetarian. He claims that I said at the party that I was now a vegetarian. I may well have said that, but in my defense, I was drunk.

First of all- while I want to reduce my meat intake (and, when I start this, which will not be til next term, this will include lunch), I will eat meat in some contexts- I don't really want to give my Mum to much hassle about this, and I will join family dinners etc.

Second of all-Oh wait, that was it.

Well meh. I am off to yet another party tonight (I can't help being insanely popular. Don't hate me!), which will of course hurt. I almost got up at 8 this morning, but instead got up at 9:15, which is, I admit, a significant difference.

Apparently on saturday I am watching all 3 LOTR films in a row. Extended. Its for Fred's birthday. I intend to drink things. Lots of things. And eat popcorn. I love popcorn. As a previous rant has detailed, I suspect. In fact, I know! Go me!

Hmm, despite being busy, my life is managing to busy with unexciting events. Or events I don't feel fully at liberty to tell you about. Theres actually quite an amusing little anecdote from the party on friday, but you will have to email me for that. Yeah, I keep some things in my life from this weblog. Shocking, I know, but thats the way it is.

I've been playing GTA a lot recently. I am very, very close to completing the game, which is pleasing as I have invested about as much time as I would usually put in for a Final Fantasy game. For christs sake. Its huge, and actually tremendous fun. Despite having really frustrating missions, its got a lot of fun ones too, and theres a stupid amount of things to do. I once again have been set the task of taking territories, and I will set to it with abandon. And stay up too alte again, undoubtedly.

Up late....

Gotta get up tomorrow. Hmm, haven't posted all weekend, have I? Well the party was much fun, and much alchohol was consumed, leading to a very late getting up, and finally crawling into town to finish my christmas shopping on saturday. Saturday evening we had an Excel Saga fest at Ben's house. God Excel Saga rules. Get the Imperfect Collection- the whole thing on an awesome DVD set. Really, really worth it. I haven't got it yet- I'm waiting for it to come out in region 2, although I am very tempted to buy an all region dvd player just for it. Odd, I know.

Today was meant to be a day of work.... well. I sorted out my notes. But I didn't do much work. I did go to see Garden State though. Its a really, really good film. It leaves you on a high, which is always pleasent after seeing a film- I felt great after watching it. The ending is a tiny bit cliched, but other than that it is deeply enjoyable.

I would write more but I'm tired.

Friday, December 10, 2004


YEAH! Went to see the Manic Street Preachers at Wembley last night. It was awesome- for once I joined in on the moshing. It was the kind I enjoy, where everyone starts moshing, gets tired and stops, then starts again at the chorus. Genius. Yeah, they played a really decent set list, with a good selection of the Holy Bible, my favourite Manic Street Preachers album. The supporting band, Razorlight, who, I am told, are meant to be quite famous, were.... a bit dull. The songs were kind of random and never ended. But the manics ruled. I was thoroughly exhausted at the end of the evening, and retired to James' ( house for a night sleeping in the same clothes.

This morning I was annoyed, as I didn't have time to get a magazine to read on the train. I had one of those super duper saver tickets that means you have to get a particular train or pay for a new ticket. So instead I beat my high score on snake! Yeah, 1,400 baby! Apparently Toby knows someone who has got 2,000. Bitch.

Alex's party tonight- hopefully I won't be too exhausted for it. I should know most of the people there, too, as I suspect I've mentioned (its hard to keep track). Just have to remember their names.....

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

This is me revising

Its uncannily like someone writing a post on his blog, isn't it? Uncanny.....

To be fair, I am taking a break after a lot of revision today, as my arms hurt- I had to carry 24 bottles of beer to Alex's house from sainsburys (5-10 minute walk), in preperation for his super awesome party on friday. I should actually know a significant percentage of people there, which will be nice, although its entirely possible I won't know their names......

Another exciting day today- revision and politics, a heady mix. Another link for ya petition your ministers to keep the arms embargo against china going. The chinese government has a list of human rights abuses as long as, well, China, and there is absolutely NO reason to give them arms other than money. And that should not be driving ethical policies.

I also went to a debate on whether it was possible to eat meat and be an environmentalist. I thought I was going to be speaking for the motion, but luckily it was more informal than that. Unfortunately, the arguments presented that I need to move towards at least reducing my meat intake. Which means, if I want to have nice meals in the future, I am going to have to learn how to cook. Tragedy of tragedies! The effort involved... it really doesn't bear thinking about. I guess I will be being more nutritional, which is good. If it wasn't for my large fruit intake I would be screwed.

I went to see the doctor today. I have an ingrown toenail, and I'm unfit. Thats why me knee is messed up. I have to build up my muscles by going swimming. Argh, horror of horrors, I have learned that to be ethical I need to reduce my meat intake, and to avoid unecessary pain, I am going to have to exercise! Could my life get any worse? Well, yes, yes it could, easily. But lets pretend it couldn't.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I Live to fall asleep.

I'm gonna go see the Manic Street Preachers on thursday! Exciting stuff, I know. The title of this is a lyric from a song off their newest album Lifeblood, which is actually a rather good album. Its really nicely made, and doesn't suffer as much from the confusion of the Manics not knowing who they wanted to be in the dreadful This is my Truth tell me Yours and the average Know Your Enemy albums. And if you're wondering why I only capatilised some of those letters... I'm lazy.

Alex and I gave a talk on Aslyum at Amnesty today, which was good stuff. One of the girls at the back asked many questions, and seemed to know what she was talking about. Her name was Jess, and shes doing her dissertation on how the move of the extreme right wing has affected the presentation of asylum. Really she should have been giving the talk..... but apparently she was reasonably impressed by it.

I only relay this tale to allow you to discover my really quite impressive ability to put my foot in my mouth. We were talking (on the bus back home after the talk) about future careers, and I was talking about accountancy and how I didn't really see how anyone would want to do that..... Of course, shes gonna go into accountancy. What is wrong with me? I am so unbearably smooth with women......

Like the time a girl leans over as I'm reading , a webcomic about Final Fantasy, for christ sake, and says she really likes it. I nod, smile, and say "yes its good" and ignore her.

Uh, yeah, I rule.

I managed to avoid the temptation of having a pint this evening, which probably means I should be doing some kind of work some time soon. Yeah........ I have to get up early tomorrow, for my stupid tutorial. Stupid tutorial.......

I use......... too much.

I mean, ".................". There isn't some man censoring my writings. Or is there.......

I did it again..........

And again........


Monday, December 06, 2004

Well tonight thank god its them, instead of you......

Urgh, this new version is hideous. Honestly, jsut because its for charity doesn't allow you to get away with making shite. The rap section for christ sake! The rap section!

As most of you should have gathered by now, I care about people suffering. I am well aware that my lifestyle is supported by the suffering of others, and I will work towards allieviating that suffering; it is doable, but not without more effort from everyone. So yeah, I want to give four pounds to the cause. But, I also do not want so support the musical garbage that is this single. I think the only solution is the one presented here

Of course, that does involve purchasing the damn thing.... but I'll have to make do.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

something deep, interesting, and yet hilariously funny

Just imagine it. Then read whatever the hell I'm about to right.

Another tantalisingly unexciting weekend, I am afraid to report- I saw Richard III yesterday, but the only reason I have that to report today is because I forgot to report it yesterday. The film- not on stage. The Ian McKellen version. Good stuff though, very enjoyable- I have never seen or read Richard III before, so it was a pleasure to see such a great actor as sir Ian (hes knighted, right?), perform it. The 1930s setting is odd, but works rather well (although the Nazi allusions are a little trite, to be honest). I'd reccomend it though- its quite short, for those with a fear of films beyond the allowed hour and a half limit.

I'm currently reading No Logo. I know, I know, I suck.... waiting 'til now to read it. But what you gonna do? As I said I've only become so politically active recently, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm a fast reader though, so it should not pose a collosal problem. Of course, buying all these books will take a lot of money, so I must rely on libraries for my left wing propoganda. Its good stuff though- a solution to the normal bile and nonsense spouted from media outlets. I'm not saying i necessarily agree with all the points, but they make you think. If I had time I would read books from the right too- as long as its a well written, careful argument, I'm always willing to consider it.

But time is money, or rather, less time playing GTA, so I must prioritise in the things I have to do. Sigh, apparently I'm travelling home by train this christmas, which means no playstation. Well, no playstation if I want clothes to wear. Hmm, clothes vs playstation.......

Christmas shopping

God I hate shopping. Especially for other people. First of all you have to desperately wrack your brain for things they would like, but also do not have. This is not easy unless you have indepth knowledge of their collections, which I do not. Secondly, I have a tendency to notice so many things that I want, and could get.... if I didn't get my friends and family presents. And that probably isn't on. Probably. So it all combines to deep depression and draingness.

This is true of shopping in general, which is why the idea of shopping for pleasure freaks me out. Perhaps if I had an unlimited budget this would be enjoyable, but even then it would pale in comparison to just using the stuff I had bought. Not to mention that a lot of stores are very souless, and their layout is often deeply frustrating and random to anyone other than someone who works there.

Frankly, I find the system of sectioning off music into different topics DEEPLY annoying, as really the definitions of certain bands are rather stretched. To call Blink 182 anything but pop is really quite insulting to the genre of punk. This has only been an issue for me a few times, when I was searching for Aim (urban section) and Air (dance section. Admittedly reasonably obvious, but I am normally a rock and pop man).

But meh, the entire principle of getting excited about clothes shopping is more disturbing. Its the one item that I buy that I don't really benefit from that much- yeah, it should be comfortable and warm, but thats about it- the rest is impressing other people, and thats a hassle.

Our fridge freezer is broken, which is quite a blow. So its all tin food from now on- if we want cold drinks we have to put them outside.... sigh. I tried out tuna+mayonnaise+sweetcorn all in one tin today, despite vague memories that it was crap. I should have paid attention to my memories. Never mind.....

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Ben rules

check out for Ben's new blog. He has got Excel saga the Imperfect collection, which promotes him to the status of total legend instantly.

I am still living the crazy life, as always. I watched the Man Who Wasn't There on thursday night, a Coen brothers film about this guy who, well, everything goes wrong for. Its a really good film, I would reccomend watching it. Its more serious than the other Coen brother films I've seen, although it does have moments of pure hilarity to it. Billy Bob Thorton puts in a great performance as the shy, retreated main character, who, as all films like this should have it, is very intruiging. The story is told very much from his perspective, with narrative, in the style of older films- the film is done in black and white, and set in the early 50s, with all the hang ups of that time (Thornton's wife commenting that she "doesn't like wogs" at one point). So yeah, go watch.

Yesterday, upon travelling back from happy hour (where I was made most happy. And drunk.) I decided that I couldn't be bothered to stand on the 18 bus, and would wait for the next one. Sensible, I thought. I had had three pints, of course, and my bladder was beginning to complain, but I was sure I would be fine. Then, pleasingly, a 418 bus arrived. Hoorah, I thought, a bus straight to oldfield park- I won't have to walk the rest of the way. So I got in, my bladder beginning to shout at me, and rode.

The bus reached town and just..... stopped. For ten fricking minutes I sat there, waiting for it to move, until I finally leapt out of the bus to the near by McDonalds. Where the sodding toilet was shut. I eventually found some convinient bushes, but honestly. I hate the damn buses.

Fred managed to spill beer over me at the start of our night out, damn his black hide. But he bought me a new pint, and I stole his crisps. And his chips. Paul was very mean, hiding his chips from me, the proffesional chip stealer. I had to beg for chips damnit, beg! And I only got one. What is the world coming to?

Thursday, December 02, 2004

If you tolerate this, then your children will be next

Went on a march against top up fees in Wales today, which was good stuff. The SU got a leeetle carried away with their provision for students on the way- they had hired 3 coaches. 15 people turned up. Crazy, I know, its one political hotbed at Bath. To be fair, right wing nonsense has polluted the air about education (most of it spread by this govt), and also, the billls having been passed here, apathy is high.

But meh, the turnout at Cardiff was high, which was good. Its nice to see some students do still care about politics- we were SO close to winning the vote in the UK, its stupid. But yeah, it was a good time, although the placards sucked and the Bath student union banner weighed a ton.

I read a blog by some girl saying students should actually pay for their education. Yes, thats fair. Education should go to those who can afford it? Yeah, sure I could probably survive the amount the government will charge, although my parents would suffer, but thats hardly the point. Many students WILL be put off higher education by the raising of fees, which is hypicrosy when the government wants to attract MORE people to university.

There is a system in place to charge those who, through various advantages, are better off than others. Its called income tax. Its worked in the past. Education is our right- it doesn't suddenly cut off at 18.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

stupid blogger

Destroyed my last post. Or it might have been these university computers- RM standing for really... uhh..... malfunctiony?

But meh, it was about gentlemen's urinals, of all things, so you are spared that particular rant for a while, you lucky things you. As you may or may not have perceived, my life is incredibly hectic at the moment. As well as ye maths course heating up (my sources inform me that we are getting coursework in stats. Which is a blow as I picked my courses DELIBERATELY to avoid any form of coursework......), I am now involved in Amnesty International, One World, and Students for a Free Tibet.

As I should have mentioned yesterday, but blogger was a bitch, there is a screening in an hour- 3:15, 4E3.38. So if by the off chance any of you Bath university readers (I know there are thousands of you!) read this, then head on over- you can help save this man's life ( for more).

I just raised about £70 for Avert (, a charity devoted to helping those with AIDs, and educating on the subject. How? We got people to throw condoms full of water at the Sabs (the student union officers, to you layman). I think a lot of people felt sorry for them, the freaks- they didn't get the whole genius of coating people in water. For christ sake, they're getting paid to do this!

Heh, don't get me started on the SU..... To be honest a lot of SU officers are pretty powerless- SU power, as with all unions, has gone down. Also, annoyingly, the elections, at least in Bath, rarely feature people with radically different ideas (or at least people with VOCAL radically different ideas), so they are transformed into popularity contests- just like the old school elections. Its sad really, cause you disengage a lot of people with politics at this level- if no-one has something different to say then it really is not worth voting.

Heh, maybe I should run, with some krazy socialist ideas. I probably wouldn't get voted in though- and, for that matter, I don't really want to spend a year doing what they do. It would look good on my cv.... hmm, I think I'll just stick with the groups I'm with at the moment.

I was very proud with myself this morning, incidentally- thanks to going to bed at a reasonable hour last night, I managed to get up in time to only be a little late for the bus, and after some running (I know, horrible, horrible idea), I actually managed to catch a bus and get to my tutorial on time. To discover I didn't have the problem sheet. And neither did Alex (this is female Alex). Which was a blow. So I had to sit there pretending I knew what was going on. Worse still, she was making people write on the board- I was mortally afraid she would pick me, and then my sad sheet deficiency would become apparent.