Friday, October 14, 2005


Other webcomics I read. Most suffer from infrequent updates, some aren't that great. Most are worth a look though.

Crap I drew on my Lunch Break
-amusing, random comics

Edible Dirt
-Sometimes very funny, sometimes inexplicable, sometimes disgusting

Errant Story
-Fantasy story about a homicidal half elf's quest for ultimate power.

Girl Genius
-Slow updates. Small archive. Still, enjoyable.

Misfile-A mess up turns a man into a girl, and sets another girl back three years in time.

Midnight Macabre-Spin off comic from something positive. Very rare updates

Scandal Sheet
-A tabloid with a secret. Slow to update

New Gold Dreams
-Another comic by the author of Something Positive. Again lacks updates

The last days of Foxhound
-MGS comic. Very funny. Slow to update

-Weird, slow to update, story comic. Not funny, but then its not meant to be.

Antihero for hire-superhero comic. Enjoyable.

Cup of Suffering-Finally back after a long hiatus, but updates are very slow to come

Sinfest-Hard to describe.... Just check it out.


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