Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Apparently I'm not allowed to tell an amusing anecdote about Alice's stay because it makes her look bad. Hmph, never mind. I guess I could tell an amusing anecdote that instead makes ME look bad but frankly I think ive had quite enough of those in my time.

So another day of actually working for a living. Well, kinda anyway, technically I'm not earning a living, but my life is subsidised on the understanding that I do this course, so its kind of working for a living. The elongated point is, I shouldn't have to go to university, especially not on ... well any day really. Frustratingly of the 15 lectures I have 9 of them are in the first days, and they are spread around so I have to get up early an unacceptable amount of days, something a student should not have to put up with.

I had been planning to cook an exciting new meal to add to my rather empty list of meals I can make today, but as there was no cooking oil left, I had pasta instead. Rather less exciting I admit, but you take what you can. Anyways, meh.


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