Friday, September 30, 2005


Why oh why do men wear pink? Is there some kind of code that says pink is now allowable for the male of the gender? Because it isn't. Call me a sexist tool, but pink is a girls colour, and men do not look good in it. I have no real rational argument hidden behind this, but I think the point remains.

It could be merely a reaction to the depressing factor of when one puts coloured with whites I suppose, but its a rubbish fashion. Stop it. Now.

Anyway, lessons start on monday, which is very exciting, if by exciting you mean deeply depressing. I'm sitting in my living room playing on Advance wars DS, which is pretty damn cool. I don't own a DS, I am using Fred's. Bwa ha.

Fred is a great fellow to live with. As I sit in the living room, reading, watching tv, playing on the playstation (all at the same time), he will be on the pc in the other room (a position he rarely leaves, and then reluctantly). As he plays on various games, he decides to tell me "anecdotes".... of the game he's playing. For example he will mention how he has to kill FIVE whole units of chaos space marines, when he's only got ONE. Its... a unique experience, and while I do my best to encourage him... tell me these things, he still feels the need to share. Still, hes a nice enough fellow really, and as Alice says, everyone needs a Fred.


At 10:49 pm, Blogger Fresher said...

You do want to know the stories!! They are all part of a cunning plot of mine to fill your head with enough useless info to become seseptable to my commands.


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