Monday, September 19, 2005

Doing stuff.

On a random note, do you ever get a moment when you decide a correct word is mispelt (and yes, I know mispelt is probably misspellt but what the hey)? I had that with doing just now. Wierd, huh?

So yeah, today I am doing things. Wooh. Well i'm always doing things, but these are productive things. In particular, I am writing notes, sorting out dates, and wrapping presents. I suspect this will take no more than an hour, but it will be an hour more of actual work than I have done in a while.... thats the problem with going back to university again, they expect you to work for your degree, the poor misguided fools. The world would be a better place if no-one did anything. Actually, it'd be ok if other people worked. To support me....

Sigh, just got yet another email about expanding my penis. I'm not sure what particular website I signed up to has given me this lovely present of herbal viagra adverts (herbal viagra- translation: herbal products that do not produce an erection). Its a shame that I don't have erection problems, then at least I could pretend it was targeted advertising. Admittedly it was more of a stretch when I got an email asking me whether I would like to enlarge my breasts.

One has to wonder how many responses spam actually gets. Spammers put a lot of effort into pervading our time with their inanity, so surely there must be some kind of succesful results. I imagine most people would be a little too embarased to admit to having actually contacting spammers. I suppose I wouldn't if I was buying herbal viagra.


At 2:47 pm, Blogger Phil Plasma said...

Misspelt words - yes
No one doing anything - probably be a lot less war
spam - you never hear of drugs to shrink your enormous penis or to shrink your boobs... wonder why
punctuation - .;?,


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