Thursday, September 15, 2005

Childish fun

A recent discovery by my sister, this is a recipe for some childish fun. For UK phones, if you send a text to them, they will actually read out the message, but in a silly robotic voice. It is deeply fun to send immature messages to people via this, especially as the phone gives a little fanfare first. This might not work for phones outside ntl- I don't know, although I imagine Fred might find out soon....

I've been doing... well not much today, spending my time recovering from my trip from York, and generally avoiding doing anything productive. Tomorow I will have to go birthday shopping for three people, my sister father and girlfriend who all managed to inconviniently have their birthdays incredibly close together, with my sister also managing to be 18 this year. This is going to present me with a dilemma soon enough. I refuse to find anyone my sister's age attractive, on the rather bizzare philosiphy that if I don't, no-one else will. However, while this was easy when she was younger, she is reaching the age when girls are becoming attractive. Indeed, I dated a 17 year old, although I was 17 myself at the time, so it clearly does not count. Still, something will have to be done, if I am to imagine her as the sweet innocent thing she clearly is (boyfriends sleeping round non withstanding).

So yes, present shopping and a trip to York yet again next week (then to Bath, performing one of the least logical routes back to university ever) mean I will be poorer than ever, digging into my student loan as ever before. Still, can't complain, even though I appear to be. I imagine I will still go out, but I will at least make some kind of feeble protest before buying any drink...


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