Saturday, September 10, 2005


A friend bought me this fine book the other day. Apparently these proverbs will help you through your day. They include many quotes from the bible, and Shakespeare, so clearly its good.

Thing is, there seems to have been no effort to edit them. Proverbs range from the inexplicable, the pointless, the contradictory, and the plain sexist. For your pleasure, here are some of the best.

"Win your lawsuit and lose your money" (I like this because it feels like something Claims Direct should have as a slogan)

"Promises are either broken or kept" (an adept summary)

"Women in state affairs are like monkeys in glass shops"

"Forbid a thing, and that women will do."

"A bad woman is worse than a bad man."

(on the same page are the following two)

"A man of courage never wants weapons"

"Weapons breed peace"

And I'll end this with the wisest advice ever given.

"Hang a thief when he's young and he'll not steal when he's old."


At 12:13 am, Blogger Jeff said...

Wisest indeed!

At 1:35 am, Blogger Imperium child said...

haha thats awesome!! I like "promises are either broken or kept"... I mean who thinks that stuff up? Genius!


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