Thursday, September 01, 2005

sex lines and strippers

I might well have mentioned this before, but for the hell of it I shall repeat it all. I have never phoned up a sex line, or seen a stripper. Live, that is. Obviously through the magical medium of the television I have seen a stripper. To be honest, I wouldn't want to.

Sex lines are pretty bad. The idea of phoning a stranger and asking them what they're wearing seems so rude. I would probably ask them how they were first, what their day had been like.... I suppose there are people who actually do that- at least, if you believe Lost anyway, and of course that program is a true life story of people who do not know how to distill water. But seriously, I dunno, it seems so werid to me. I like to claim that I would never go to a prostitute because of moral concerns. And while that is true, I know that even if those concerns were there I wouldn't because I would be hopeleslly embarrased by the situation at hand, and probably quite concerned about my performance.

Strippers, thats even worse than sex lines because they are face to face with you. I'd just be siting there thinking that she should put some clothing on, for god sake. Also, I don't get this getting aroused in a group- something that I have been party to before, having watched some soft porn (a wondeful plot about some lesbian ghosts) in a group while very drunk. I mean, call me crazy, but this sort of thing... isn't it meant to be done when you're alone? Whats the point of frustrating yourself in front of people? Perhaps as some kind of exercise to prove your manliness to the others. "Yes, I am aroused by this beautiful lady! Now I shall beat my chest and roar about my sexual prowess!" I dunno, its just weird.

However, I suppose I won't knock people who do it, they provide much needed money to the economy in the sleaziest way one can get without being illegal. And I don't mean that in a bad way at all.


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