Monday, August 29, 2005

They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!

Awesome music video, which I cannot stop listening to. If there is any justice, this will reach number 1!

So anyway I was watching some tv today (thats right... although I spent most of this day getting lost in the fields near my house...), and I wondered- the people who do the little link between programs. You know, its the end credits with a cool theme tune, and some idiot interrupts with "And coming up on channel 4 is beeswax nation. Next week I will be interrupting 5 more minutes of your program to give you this needless information". Is that... all they do? I mean, is their entire job just recording little program transmissions. And, if so, how well are they paid? If that is a job that pays enough to live on, how awesome would that be? Very, thats how awesome. K, I'm tired now.


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At 1:29 pm, Blogger Kirbie said...

Oh no the spammers have found your blog too now.


At 1:59 am, Blogger Mr K said...

The weird thing is more popular blogs than this one that I visit have yet to be cursed with this odd infection (and they don't use comment verification, because it says so if they do). Perhaps they think the bloggers with less posts are more desperate for websites to go to.

I know I am excited by the circle jerk guys!


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