Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I have been very busy recently, in ways that have sort of contradicted the supposed title of my blog. Not that I have been lonely... in most of my life, realistically, but what the hey- the title alliterates!

Soo, peanuts. I don't get peanuts, but thats probably because I don't like their flavour. The oddest thing about not liking something is people who like that thing will often question you with such intelligent queries as "You don't like it? Why not?" This rates as one of the more foolish questions ever asked. As a rule, taste is a rather subjective thing, so asking someone why they don't like food is like asking someone why they don't like music, or art. Yes, we can come up with some reasons, but realistically its a matter of what you like and do not like. And yes, while we can all grow to like things, I can safely say that I will never grow to like peanuts or swede. This is a point of faith, and while I will put up with certain things, peanuts simply will not do.

Throw away cameras really are becoming a bit of a rip off. For your average throw away camera you pay about 7 pounds. This doesn't sound too bad, until one realises that a digital camera can take as many pictures as you like, and costs 100 pounds. Now, the argument always runs that you always take photos on holiday, but it is a fact of nature that you crave photos of your friends and family. Sneaky people will just ask for copies, but I think thats a cop out, and if you're the sort of person who will get a throw away camera, you really are the sort of person who would probably use a digital camera enough to make it worthwile.


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