Thursday, August 18, 2005

If only skin would eat

I am not kidding. I was flicking through the many, many channels that we have in our home, and I was treated to a garnier advert in which they made this lucicrous assertion. "If only skin would eat." I mean, I have come up with some really rather stupid ideas in my time, suggestions that I have quite possibly shared in this blog. But this really tops the bill. I would have thought that no-one in their right minds would say "if only skin could eat". What exactly are the advantages? Other than for people who cannot eat through their mouths, I suppose, and I think they are a bit of a niche advert for garnier to aim for. Seriously though, what bizzare scientist thought that this was a product selling idea? Probably the crazy guy with warts in the bag, and a hunch back. He hasn't got a hunch in HIS back. He's got a hunch back to do his bidding. Called Igor. Incidentally, I feel sorry for anyone called Igor because you are essentially typecast in life to serve evil genius', although considering the genius of most (I will make uncontrollable life), that should perhaps be evil morons.

One of the most misleading pieces of information about buttons that exist, other than the really big button that doesn't do anything (which is actually a hyperlink to the page itself, so it DOES do somethng. Scroll down a little and click on it. To be fair, it is very, very, very old. Thats what passed for humour on the internet 10 years ago... oh, such innocent times.) is the interactive mode on ntl digital. Press red for interactive, it decries! And you, in your foolish innocence click. Oh such a fool. Cue either waiting an hour for anything to happen, or resetting the box for the umpteenth time that day. I remember being told digital could lead to anything....


At 1:30 pm, Blogger Kirbie said...

I think it would be handy if your skin could eat, hehe "handy" get it?
Anyway it would cos you could talk and eat at the same time. It would also eliminate the chance of choking.


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