Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I hate people. Actually, right now I hate the stupid automatic update thing, which keeps telling me that for the updates to occur I need to restart the computer. Considering I have now closed the damn thing about seven times you might expect I know this. My computer will be restarted at some point, you stupid thing! There are few people who keep their computer on 24 hours, and those are dedicated servers....

But yes. People. Especially when holiday. By people, I clearly do not mean my friends and family, who aren't people. They're my bitches. No, I mean those waste of space OTHER people. When I go for a walk in the lovely countryside, I don't want to be bothered by other people. Even worse, of course, I have to say hi to everyone passing, as apparently amoung walkers, thats the done thing. Its amazing how negative I am towards strangers. I know, objectively, that all my friends were strangers to me once, but I don't accept it as reality. I instinctively think of strangers as scum, especially if they feel the need to intrude upon my space.

This changes ever so slightly when I am drunk, as I seem to have spent many an evening chatting to random people in the pub- especially the Americans who occasionally appear on campus for a few days, and come and talk to me in the parade bar. Many people seem to have noticed this, and introdce me to people when I am drunk (actually, a friend said this happened purely because I spend most of my time drunk....). And when I say many people, I mean my friends. Possibly I should have said I hate strangers at the beginning of this post to avoid confusion.

On an unrrelated note, a friend of mine once got incredibly drunk, and climbed a tree, so we had to try to coax her down. For some reason I forgot this until today, considering how amusing the incident was.


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