Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Spoiling things

Sweet jesus the internet drama. You can't turn left from a comments thread without someone coating it in spoilers for Harry Potter number 6. Some people like to spoil everyones fun, I suppose.

Internet drama is fun, and if you are a fan of webcomics, you find quite a bit, thanks to certain authors,namely Scott Kurtz of PvP and Gabe and Tycho (not their real names, but meh) of Penny Arcade, who like to stir things up. In fact, there is even a weblog about it, webcartoonist VS webcartoonist.

Anyways, I'm going to the lake district on saturday, but I feel by now I have developed enough archives for you to get by on, if you have become hooked on reading about my fascinating existence. In fact, I am approaching the anniversary for this weblog, which I shall probably celebrate in some fashion. Well, actually, to be fully honest I suspect I will forget it, and completely fail to celebrate it. But never mind. You can remind me in comments if you wish, but as I'm fairly sure this blog started with exactly zero readership (seeing as I didn't start advertising it until a month in or so), I doubt anyone will remember when it started. I suppose you could find out quite easily, but that would take effort, and I have faith in your laziness.


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