Monday, July 11, 2005


I feel we should have more words for sorry. Consider all the situations in which you say sorry.

-After you almost collide with someone
-After you accidentally collide with someone
-After you accidentally hurt someone
-A while after you deliberately hurt someone
-For breaking a rule, or the law
-For betraying someones trust
-when someone tells you that someone close to them has passed away.

Frankly, this one word is too stretched out to cover all these varied situations. We need a committee right now to come up with new words, all more appropriate to the situation. NOW!


At 1:22 pm, Blogger Imperium child said...

You have only mentioned the ones that saying sorry to is correct.
How about saying sorry for when some hurts themselves near you? We do that all the time! How about when someone hurts themselves on you? You've done nothing wrong but say stand there and they fall over you and its their fault completely! Sorry! Or when they've lost something they want or need? too many man, too many.

At 1:41 pm, Anonymous btg said...

How about offering someone your sincereist perecobobulations? ^_^

At 11:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

paul you nicked my comment. Evil does indeed have a voice.

At 12:34 pm, Blogger Imperium child said...

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