Monday, July 04, 2005

My diary

I have kept a diary since I was about 17, maybe 16, so 4 years or so now. This year and the last I have been using the WHsmith diary. Now on these they have little quotes at the bottom, which range from the amusing to the inspirational buisness quotes (apparently a lot of buisness men keep smith diaries...) But recently these quotes have bordered on the insane. They include

"Jam today, and men aren't at their most exciting: jam tomorrow, and one often sees them at their noblest." C.P. Snow

WHAT? According to my mother this is from alice in wonderland, so this out of context... as it stands this is insane

"Save your breath to cool your porridge."

Apparently this is quite a well known saying, although its meaning.. well it doesn't totally escape me, but it strikes me as a rather ridiculous one. Shut up and eat your porridge is more succint, but whatever.

"fine words butter no parsnips."

You butter parsnips?

Anyways.... I believe lucas arts are conspiring against me. Consider. Grim Fandago... missing. Monkey Island 4..... missing. Monkey Island treasure pack (1,2 and 3).... missing. ARGH! To the best of my knowledge none of my other games are missing. This is insane and deeply unfair. I really wanted to play though the islands again....


At 12:45 am, Blogger Imperium child said...

Who doesnt watch scurbs?? No seriously. Tell me where i can find them. And i am shocked Mr K to find that i was to be deleted from your favourites!! Firstly, moi!?!? deleted?!? and secondly who ever deletes from their favourites? I've still got things that i found vaguely amusing from when i was 13 on my computer. Never going back there but you dont need to delete it so why bother. Its like phone messages, dont need to delete them so i dont. (Until i hit the 160 limit, then i have a good 30 mins of deleting, bliss)

At 1:34 pm, Blogger Mr K said...

heh, deleting is fun. Well, I might have moved it to another folder- I tend to click on anyting on my list of blogs daily, you see, and you hadn't updated for a ridiculously long time.

(and incidentally, the claim that you had no spare time won't wash with me. A working week of warcraft Paul...)


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