Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I am awesome

I know this will mean nothing to anyone who hasn't played Final Fantasy 7, but last night I totally killed ruby weapon. I might well have had that game since I was about 14, but after 6 years, I've finally done it. Emerald weapon next!

Next, Canada is so awesome. If I had to live anywhere other than the UK, it'd definitely be Canada. Although I stil think that the law where you can turn through a red light to be franklyquite scary. And jaywalking being illegal? Whats that about? But no, Canada=awesome.

Of course, my favourite places to live tend to be english speaking places 'cause otherwise I'd have to learn another language. From all I hear Sweden sounds pretty cool, and if you hear some people tell it everything is legal in amsterdam (including, if I remember correctly, some quite vicious racism actually....)

Well, I've been emailing various places my cvs (well, three places), and seeing whether they will give me a job for the summer. I'm pretty sure working during one's holiday defeats the point of the holiday, but meh. I hear it told that money is needed to purchase alchohol, and I have yet to find anywhere giving out free money. Or they do, but then they want it back. With more money. Which hardly seems fair, but as its the basis of our economy, I shouldn't complain. Its odd actually that our society is entirely based on promises of debts and credits. As we move towards a paperless economy money stops being so much a commodity and more an idea- bartering in its ultimate form. Its weird when you think about it.

Actually whats also weird is how specialised we are. There is a set of individuals for every task who know what they do, but little else. In fact, in our idea based economy we have people who are paid a large amount of money yet have few actual skills other than that to tell other people to continue working. Crazy. If you think back a few hundred years ago, the intellectuals of society would have a working knowledge of many subjects. Mathematicians could be engineers and even biologists, the founder of germ theory, Louis Pasteur, was in fact a chemist (who developed his theory when looking at distilleries, understanding how exactly the alchohol ferments).

This world is a fascinating one, when one takes the time to think about it.


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