Sunday, June 19, 2005

We're number 2!

The Bath internal maths website proudly proclaims we are on the top of the maths league table. This is what one might call a lie. Intriguingly, Cambridge scores an overall rating of 100, despite having a teaching rating lower than Baths. Incidentally, if the university of Bath is the BEST (and 24 is the maximum mark any university can get for teaching), then I do worry about the future of universities. I suspect they do get a good return from being initially good, which draws in good students, which means the university does better... and so on.

Well I have been spending a fun packed weekend revising (and barbecuing. Incidentally, I will point out that I only ate vegetarian things at that barbecue.) I am quite annoyed that it has decided to get so hot now. If it had waited just four more days, it would mean I would not have to do exams in sweltering heat, which would have been greatly appreciated. Urgh, I don't like heat at the best of times, as people seem to think its some kind of motive for leaving the house, which is clearly wrong. Also, the best societies were produced in cold environments. I refuse to give any evidence to back up this ridiculous assumption.

A few days back during dull dull revision I decided to play a game to liven it up. Looking at the interests page of phil plasma, I decided to see whether, from his page, I could find someone with another, completely seperate interest, by just clicking from profile to profile by interest links. I chose war and peace as the interest. God damn. You would be surprised how hard this was. It probably doesn't help when all I know about War and Peace is its a very long piece of literature by a Russian author. I did find many people with interest in Crime and Punishment, but disappointingly I couldn't find any of them expressing the same interest in war and peace. So if you do manage to do it, please give me the link. Of course, its entirely possible for you to cheat and google search your way there, but then you would be an extremely pathetic individual, and I'm sure none of my readers are extremely pathetic individuals. Are you now?


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