Sunday, June 19, 2005


Ah, exam on monday, and I go for a barbecue. Whats worse, I had fully intended to go to bed early tonight to ready myself for the 9:30 exam on monday, but now its 2:30.... Oh well, fun was had, so its all worth it.

A random webcomic to reccomend to you, crap I drew on my lunchbreak. Like many webcomics, its autobiographical, but unlike them it follows no real structure, merely detailing amusing events that are occuring in our heroine, Jin Wicked's life. Its a very sweet comic in many ways, and very amusing at points- it feels very different to other comics I read because of its random yet realistic style. Actually, it sort of feels like what this blog would read like if it was in comic form. Maybe thats why I like it. Still, its worth a look.

I've been watching series 4 of Family Guy recently. I would reccomend it if you have some sort of method of viewing it early, as its damn good. OK, time to sleep, although its really humid, and I detest sleeping in humid weather.


At 9:17 pm, Blogger Jeff said...

don't go to bed until summer has gone then :p


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