Sunday, June 12, 2005

I'll attract the enemy with my human call....

"I'm so wasted, I'm so wasted!"

Anyways.... So yes, I am very tired. Last night I completed Baldur's Gate 2, throne of bhaal, then foolishly followed up by playing on Warcraft 3, another deeply addictive game.

This is not what one would call a smart move. I hardly need more reasons to distract myself from revision, and yet I persist in creating them. Oh well.

I have taken up having staring contests with next doors cat. It was clearly used to the old owners of the house, who apparently let it inside, as it stares t me folorny from the other side of the window, occasionally giving out a pathetic meow. I don't particularly like cats. Every time I let them sit on my lap they tend to dig in, something that dogs thankfully never do. Bizzarely we bred dogs to make them "perfect" for their role (while breeding in some horrible genetic disorders along with it....), but left cats alone. Perhaps we were just afraid of 'dem kitty cats. One never hears of cat men. Much talk is made of cat ladies, women who live all alone with their cats, surely some men must do the same? I imagine they don't dote on the cats as much, or, if they do, they try not to make as big a thing out of it as women would, for fear of being mocked in the horrific hierachal society we live in.

Of course, both cats and dogs outwiegh reptiles. I'm not sure what the joy is in having one as a pet. They are not actually smart enough to recogise their owners, and many is the case of some idiot getting throttled by an anaconda they bought off some bloke in the pub. I suppose one could get a vague fascination out of watchiing a snake eating a mouse, but surely for that one could just watch documentaries...

's all immaterial as I couldn't have a pet. i'm WAY too negligent, you just know I would forget to feed it, until one day the RSPCA burst in, and they turned the story into one of their adverts ordering you to give them money! (Every time you don't give money to the RSPCA, a kitten dies. Actually proven true) Which wouldn't be good. I imagine such an act would probably carry with it some kind of criminal charge, and I have no reason to tangle with the police, as otherwise they might find out my secret plan to overthrow the government and establish a new world order centred around muffins.


At 10:35 am, Blogger Complex said...

Hey. Cats kick arse. Pound for pound, a cat contains far more awesomeness than a dog. They also have much nicer fur.

Cats have, however been victim to the same breeding treatment as dogs, although only the pedigrees. Persians, for example, have congenital breathing disorders due to the shape of their faces.


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