Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Why is it that I seem to have an uncanny ability to get stuck behind whoever is paying with vouchers in the co-op? Its quite annoying. Vouchers always, always, always take longer to pay with, usually because the people who pay with them appear to not understand how the deals work, and often their vouchers are out of date. This ignorance is not exclusively the consumers, as the people at the check out will frequently mess up trying to enter the detials in. And woe to those who mischange the voucher users...

All this means that I have to wait for freaking ever to get served.

It has oft been noted by those close to me that I am heavily sarcastic. This... is true. It has got to the point where I don't think "yeah, I reaaaaally want to go" is sarcastic. I just think of it as a negation. I like sarcasm though. Its certainly not the highest form of wit, but its definitely not the lowest. People who say that tend to have just been made a fool out of by sarcasm.

Sarcasm is a dangerous tool, however. It must not be overused (I'm certainly not guilty of that), and can be turned on you quite quickly. One amusing part of it is when people say something incredibly stupid and then pretend they are being sarcastic. This always entertains me.

On another, quite random note, the most irritating thing anyone can do during a movie is go "WHAT? I wouldn't do that!" The "if I was there, I would do it THIS way" conversation is stupid. A-they are not you, so they make their own mistakes. B-you are NOT in that situation, nor have you ever been, so to claim that in a high pressure situation you would, for example, just take them all out with an uzi, is just shite. The worst is when someone, who has just been watching EXACTLY the same thing as you, turns to you and asks "why did he do that?". As if somehow you have some kind of deeper knowledge about this film than they do. I those cases it will normally be revealed later on, but some people are so impatient.

Hmm, to be short, just keep your goddamn mouth shut.


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