Wednesday, June 08, 2005

1000 page views

So close I can taste it. I figure I'm getting about half that number a month, so credit to those of you who stick with this. As a reward, 'm going to talk abut mathematics

I'm mostly revising linear algebra today. Looking at the exam papers, it seems- well kinda random. While most of it pedestrian mathematics- calculations, definitions, simple proofs, theres some random really hard stuff thrown in to liven up my experience. Oh well, according to my schedule I have two more days (and however much more time I devote to it today) before I have to be ready for the exam.

Ben has updated the photo of me. Give him long enough and he'll make a flash video with me starring. Oh god, with a catchy music tune! And then i'll be all over the internet! The guy with the donkey body and the excel saga theme tune!

I'm not sure if I want to encourage or discourage that. On balance, no-one will be able to recognise me as I have shorter hair now. As a claim to fame goes, "I'm that guy who's in those videos you've seen over t'internet" probably isn't the best, although I suppose thats what the numa numa guy must say at parties. I bet he gets all the ladies.

It would be quite sad if somone managed to get ALL the ladies. I mean, for a start, where would they live? It would be some pretty freaky living arrangements there, and the rest of mankind would either have to consider homosexuality (hey, if they can electro shock therapy you out of being gay, surely the opposite can apply?(I feel the need to add that I am not being serious here. Sarcasm doesn't always work over the internet....)), or go to war. Not a pleasent scenario at all.

I'd just like to say that Jimmy Eat World's Bleed American is awesome (I think its now called self titled, they renamed it cause of 9/11). For some reason I haven't listened to it in a year or so, but its still great.

OK, I'm done. Oh wait, Randy Mullohand, the author of the excellent omething positive has started, or rather restarted, his other strip, new gold dreams. Its brilliant, so read it.

Ok, now I'm done.


At 2:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this just shows how many views I got in 1 year!


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