Friday, June 17, 2005

1000 page views

I'm so popular. I'm going to pretend that every single one is a different visitor, even though 100 of them are probably me....

So yeah, my exam wasn't too bad today, although I drew half a circle instead of a full circle (I forgot that negative roots existed too... I am stupid), well... it wasn't actually a half circle, it was a half ellipse. But it should have been a half circle. But yeah, went well.

I don't have anything much to say, other than this site is absolutely hilarious


At 2:21 am, Blogger Kirbie said...

I find that if you have trouble drawing circles AutoCAD has plenty of tools to help. You can draw a perfect circle, an ellipse, everything!

At 1:51 pm, Blogger Complex said...

Oh dear, I just unwittingly added five hits to your already impressive number, I shall ahve to be very carefull about how many times I visit your site in a day now... Or I'll never catch up! Given that my site doesnt record me looking at it as a hit... :-S

At 8:25 pm, Blogger Complex said...

Hehe, I just replied to your comment over on my site... but you'll have to check again to find out waht I said, because I'm lazy and don't want to type it all out again.


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