Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Has updated. Every now and then the bored technicians at microsoft get together and make a new update for msn. This time, it has added things called "winks". These are obstrusive and loud animations that come and interrupt whatever it is you are doing. Also, you can click nudge, and make their msn thingy judder.

ARGH. Luckily you can turn these new features off, although I don't like the new layout that much either.... a cute little addition is the ability to tell people what you are listening to. But no, I don't like it. Admittedly I don't tend to like new things, being sedate in my ways. No wait, that is in no way the correct word. But what the hey, I'll stick with it.

I have an exam in two days... well 1 day in an hour and a bit, but I try not to think about that. I'd like to say I'm not worried about it, but I am, I really am. Oh well.... I have nothing pithy to say, other than I hate fluids. And its quite fun to say "I hate fluids". As a campaign goes, I think thats great.

OK, Im done.


At 3:01 pm, Blogger Phil Plasma said...

MSN winks at sedate fluids. That's what I got out of your post. :-)

At 5:49 pm, Blogger Complex said...

Fluids suck. And not in a good way. And also I am being forced to learn how they suck, how fast they do it, and whether they rotate whilst sucking, this sucks.


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