Monday, June 13, 2005

few things

First of all, Rich pointed out that yahoo is rubbish. Wellll if you type in "life is funnier if you're lonely" (with or without inverted commas) you get this blog as a number 1 hit. Which is ridiculous if you think about it, but kinda cool.

Secondly... well I never, if I had just gone to bbc, I would have seen this article, suggesting that maybe they MIGHT ban advertising. I think I might write to my MPabout this issue, so I can learn a little more. Anyway, isn't that awesome? (incidentally, my tone "they'll NEVER accept my ideas" sounded incredibly bitter. I really didn't intend it like that).

Finally, and this is the point where my brain breaks down and I forget what the third thing I wanted to say was....

Meh. On a random note, I wonder if its possible to break the internet. Whether there is a page, hidden somewhere in the deep, murky depths of the interwebnet that contains a button, which, if clicked in the right fashion, would actually BREAK the internet. Now, i'm not one for conspiracies, but I'm almost certain that this is true. So watch out, because somone might just break the internet. And then society would collapse!

I was gonna put a random fun link there, but I couldn't find one. Thats right, the internet is fresh out of fun! Shocking.

OK, I'll get back to revision now.


At 3:49 pm, Blogger Phil Plasma said...

I'm not so sure there is a spot like on the death star where if you send a bomb in that one specific spot the whole thing explodes. I have always gotten the sense that the internet is so vast in terms of backbones, hardware, high security servers and so on that it really takes an emorously malevolent cancerous virus to take it down. I, like you, am not one to initiate things, but like you, I suspect there are probably people out there who have both the desire and the ability to create such things.


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