Tuesday, June 28, 2005

magic and mayhem

The sun is shining directly in to my left eye. How annoying.

Well, today's the day I have to write a cv. I haven't started yet, although I did briefly look for a simple layout for mine. A quick google search (I think google should start paying me for advertisement of their site. Cause, you know, they need it), gives a variety of cvs. One site claimed to give examples of both good and bad cvs. Interested, I looked to see 15 examples of what they called bad cvs (and accordig to them, any goddamn layout is bad, apparently), and then you have to pay to see the good cvs....

Oh well, I doubt it matters too much as I am applying for summer work, which, while probably quite competitive, isn't the most vital thing in the world. The most irritating thing is putting down references, because I can never work out who to put. I wonder if I just put down some mates. Do you suppose famous scientists need to do so? If Fred Sanger was applying for a job, does he need to put some other nobel prize winners as references?

I'm just reading through Harry Potter again, in eager anticipation for the new novel (Harry Potter and the half blood prince indeed). I suspect this sixth one is going to end on a cliffhanger, so she had better write the sequel ready for next year, otherwise I will have to cry. I wonder what on earth she will follow up with after finishing Harry Potter?

I was thinking about these crazy (I want to say Americans but actually some people in England complained) people who burnt or tried to get banned the harry potter books because they encouraged the occult. This is bizzare, if only because as a child I read hundreds of books with the spell casters as heroes, and they are freely available in public, and, indeed, school libraries. I suppose harry potter is so popular that the mostly illiterate will even hear of it, so it might encourage occult dabblings.

But then.... magic doesn't exist! I mean, at best you have the wiccan kind of magic, which apparently only works if you believe in it (nice excuse), but thats pretty low scale stuff. The harry potter stuff is fictional! Its nonsensical! If someone wrote a book about people eating someones soul to enable themselves to fly, the concept might well be immoral, but theres hardly any point in condeming the practice because you can't do it! I dunno, people who talk about these thngs seem to be wasting their energies- there is quite enough injustice in the world without throwing MAGIC in there.


At 7:06 pm, Blogger Kirbie said...

You think magic doesn't exist eh?
Using my powers I turn Kieran into...

A chicken!

At 4:19 pm, Blogger Mr K said...

At least its not a donkey.


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