Thursday, June 23, 2005


Just a short bit of politics, but have a look at this. Bombs also killed 30 people yesterday- and there is news about deaths from bombs every damn day. Iraq is a disaster, it truly, truly is, and it is becoming clear that our presence is not helping. To the best of my knowledge the remit of British and American troops is no longer to hunt out insurgents but to protect themselves now. So, insanely, their role in this country is to not get killed. And thats it. We need to start withdrawing. We need to hand over power to the people of Iraq, possibly getting forces from other nations to aid. And we also need every single goddamn politician who led us into this war out of office. This was unnessecary, ill thought out, and extremely dangerous. Its time to stop.

On a lighter note, here is drunken Alex from last night....

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We did get her home alright in the end, I will add, although not after 6 very amusing videos. Damn my camera for not having sound....


At 2:25 pm, Blogger Phil Plasma said...

About Iraq, it is precisely why so many Canadians are proud that our leadership did not act with the US on this. I agree with you that the troops should pull out, and I emphatically agree with you about the leaders that need to get out too.


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