Sunday, June 26, 2005

Unerotic foods

I was wondering what the least erotic of all foods are. I can certainly imagine unerotic circumstances surrounding food- taking any date to mcdonalds is surely a death knell, unless.... no thats pretty much it, but actual particular foods. Spam is an obvious one. I doubt anyone is going to try to claim spam as a sexy food. Intriguingly, a google search with quote around "least erotic food" give no hits whatsoever, so according to google no-one has ever uttered those three words in a row. Or at least been linked for them, anyway.

Removing the quotations unfortunately gives guides to erotic food, and surely we do not need help for that? Oysters and strawberries. Although possibly not at the same time, although perhaps if you gathered all the erotic food together and carried around with you you could become irresistable to the opposite gender, and then, why then you would be unstoppable!

I suspect most microwave food is unerotic, but I'm not going to claim it as a rule, as I'm sure theres an exception, and as every good scientist knows, an exception does not, in fact, prove the rule. What kind of crazy saying is that anyway? It clearly hasn't been thought out- I suspect it is one that has lost its meaning due to people missing out vital parts over time, as happens to a lot of sayings.

Anyway, I'm going home tomorrow, I have been tidying like a crazy thing. I took a few photos of my messy, messy room for you to enjoy but A-last time I connected my camera to the computer it crashed and B-I've now packed my camera. So you can just wait.


At 5:49 pm, Blogger spin said...

I was challenged to eat spaghetti in a sexy manner when I was out for dinner with a couple of male friends.I succeeded eventually - under their direction. Not what you want to order on a 1st date though.

I was also chatting with a friend the other day about lettuce (long story) and we suddenly both got a visual of the pair of us sitting, naked, munching at lettuce - it was entirely hilarious and not at all erotic!

At 4:32 pm, Blogger Mr K said...

I think spaghetti wins sexy points becuase of Lady and the Tramp. Well, romantic points anyways.


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