Saturday, July 02, 2005

Rocking the Boat

Went to London today, to see Guys and Dolls. Very boregious, I know, but it was awesome, with Ewan Macgregor as Sky Masterson. Chose a great day to do it, gay pride and live 8, but traffic was remarkably low- we missed the gay pride march.

So yeah, live 8. I think its cool, although how effective it will be, who can tell. There is a concensus, in the UK at least, that the make poverty history goals are just and proper. But then its not the leaders of the UK we have to persuade, its the leaders of every rich nation in the world.... I hope real good comes out of this, but I suspect it will boil down to compromise measures which actually will not help, in fact some "compromises" can end up leading to more problems (aid tied to conditions of privatisation which end up costing the country more than the aid...). I hope everyone realises that make poverty history is not a campaign for a day. It is a campaign that has to last the next 10 years, that has to build up momentum that it becomes accepted wisdom that the extreme poverty of Africa is simply unacceptable. I hope, I really do, that this is what happens. We do have the power to change things.....

My worry is of course is that a lot of people might well think that this it. That this summit will happen and poverty will be gone. And thats just not the case, and when people find that out they might lose interest in the campaign. But whatever, I will keep supporting this.

I'm considering changing the name of this blog. I'm not particularly lonely... I just liked the name 'cause it illiterates, and it was also a concept I came up with while dating Amanda, that it is harder to be cynical about everything when you are so.. well... happy. Damnit. But no, I'm pretty sure I've always been cynical, I just might have smiled more while doing it.

Really I just want to change it so everyone who still uses yahoo will find it and come here, and I will acheive global fame. Mwa ha ha.


At 3:22 pm, Blogger Mr K said...

I'd just like to point out I spelt borgeious wrong.


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