Sunday, July 03, 2005

I'm no superman

Scrubs shouldn't be allowed to be this good. I have just finished watching the most recent series, my parents kindly taping it while I was off living it up at university. Its brilliant. No, it really is. Its funny, and yet its humour is rather mature. There are problems with relationships that drive the story forward and also make you laugh. And while most are resolved by the end of the episode for a little lesson learnt, some carry on far further.

Honestly. Watch it.

I get daily bbc emails, which is how I keep in touch with the news when I am too lazy. Its good though, you should subscribe if, like me, you forget to buy the paper... or can't be bothered to leave the house in time to be able to purchase the paper. Anyway, I was reading this article. Hmm. Its interesting isn't it, how we actually forget about these things. Ten years on we can talk about rwanda with real regret, but Sudan is ignored, in almost exactly the same way we did rwanda. Now I have no great understanding of the politics of the region, but there was genocide happening, and we did.. well nothing. In my defence I did actually write a letter about it, but then... well I did nothing else. Urgh....

I think I'm going to a pub quiz tonight. I can normally answer about 1 in 10 questions in any pub quiz, although I find myself frequently paired with people with all my expertise. The accursed Ella is one such individual. She isn't home yet, so maybe tonight is my chance to shine!


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