Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Support for the current prime minister?

Tony Blair is quite the man. Honestly, as politicians go, say what you like, Mr Blair is a tenacious one. After the elections everyone was calling for his blood, and now (partially thanks to Michea Howard getting all the headlines... the idiot), he is at the top of his games. Thanks to Mr Chirac acting like the highest order of idiot (in a recent story, he insulted British cuisine. Wow, the art of diplomacy truly isn't dead... and he had a go at the US for a lack of it....), Mr Blair has almost all the papers on his side, and his, at least verbal support of the make poverty history campaign and stopping global warming has really made him the good guy.

Still... people die every day in Iraq (ok, that should be, more than usual die every day. Obviously people die every day everywhere...), and apparently being the only nation that supported the US in that war has granted us practically no benefits. And we shall see which parts of the make povery history campaign Blair actually sticks with... its so much easier to just give to charity than actually work to defeat poverty.

The big question is of course, who will the new conservative leader be? I have to say they all seem pretty damn uninspiring, the rhetoric is quite as tired as it was last election. They have run two election on essentially the same anti-immigration campaign now... perhaps the conservative party should seek popularity in something other than the semi-racist circles? Or have they just given up? 4 years is a long time, so we shall wait and see who will take on mr Brown next election.


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