Wednesday, July 13, 2005

A life of watching television

And films. Of course films. I've been watching loads recently- they include Garden State, Princess Mononoke, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Elephant. I've see two of them before... up to you to guess which ones.

But yes, TV. During lunch today I was watching the Daily Politics. Not out of a particular fondness of the program, I might add, but mainly because there was nothing else worth watching on. Unsurprisingly, they were focusing on the bombings, with people arrested for it. Something I'd like to point out, the way the BBC were talking, they were already guilty. There is a reasonable possibility that they are guilty, but I'm not sure if they've even been charged yet.

Anyway, they had someone from the Muslim council for the UK (and thats an odd thing. What exact powers does the Muslim council have? Or does it just exist as a voice for Muslims, in which case, do they vote for them?) on. First of all, the guy interviewing made the slight fallacy of seeming to imply that terrorists only came from islamic backgounds. This is clearly nonsense. Groups like ETA, the IRA, and many freedom fighters across the world give the lie fo this.

Second, his last question was something along the lines (this is not a direct quote) "If you had someone come to you, who said he wanted to take extreme measures, what would you say?"

WHAT? What kind of inane question is that. I flicked over in disgust, so I missed the answer, I half hope he answered sarcastically "Oh I'd say go for it mate!" Sorry, but obviously he wouldn't reccomend extremism, so would tell him it was a bad idea. Fer crying out loud. Maybe reccomend he takes out inane interviewers...


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