Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Urgh, its al hot outside. Honestly, thats not on, my excuses for sitting inside and doing nothing are disappearing. I suppose one could claim its too hot to do anything. See, what I need is our wireless connection to work so I can sit outside and browse the internet. That'd be hip.

Saw a couple of guys with a laptop in the pub last night. Surely that is just asking for it. Drunken people are surely famed for their ability to spill things. At least, I am. Actually, I'm quite clumsy when sober, which makes for hilarious jokes on pub crawls "we haven't even reached the pub yet Kieran!" Oh ho ho. But yeah, I'm not sure how much water a laptop can survive. I think they are quite hardy, my laptop is a living testemant to that (if one can claim a laptop as living) , although I have never poured water on to it. I'm fairly sure I spilt beer on Ben's laptop last year, while very, very drunk, but it seems to have survived. Its quite an expensive thing to experiment on really, I'd have to ask one of those guys whos job it is to test things to destruction.

What a job. Coming up with new ways to hurt products, and then taking random samples and smashing them. Oh, its probably done by machines to make the tests identical(or close to), but someone has to watch them, don't they? Fun! I wonder what qualifications one needs for that job? A penchant for destruction....


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