Saturday, August 06, 2005


God, there is so much on the internet one misses in two weeks, especially when one wants to watch films. But what the hey. Yes, I am back from the lake district, with a remarkably intact house, and I am... drunk. What can I say, the allure of beer and wine (makes you feel fine) after a long journey having got up with little sleep was too much. So for tonight this is all you are getting, no doubt you shall hear my musings on craneflys, vegetarians, and Tony Blair within the next few days, but for now you must wait.

It was a good holiday, although whether it really counts as a holiday when what I was doing before was, in fact, nothing, is debatable, but then I have actually developed more of a tan than I usually do. I know, bizzare, to have done so in the lake district, not notorious for its boiling weather, rather than sunny spain (well, when I went there, there were thunder storms), but what the hey. Anyways, if you're still checking for updates, good for you! Keep reading, updates shall appear here soon. Ooh, I managed two paragraphs in a semi-sober state. Go me!


At 1:33 am, Blogger Complex said...

Weyhey. First comment.


Damn, wish I had something constructive to say now.

Welcome back, I await your posts with keen... keeness


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