Monday, August 08, 2005

filmic fun

I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding yesterday. Its really good. No, seriously, it is. Well, ok, it does nothing to redefine films, but as romantic comedy goes, its top notch, if only because it manages to be slightly different, managing to tell a love story without the inevitable 100 hundred minute mark "oh, some stupid misunderstanding has caused me to go to an airport. And its raining. Cue running and speeches.", the moments of drama instead coming from her father's slightly unenthusiastic reaction to her relationship with a non-greek. So yeah, I would reccomend it, but I have always kind of liked romanic comedy, so I have no way to judge whether you would like it if the though of it makes you ill.

There was another film I wanted to talk about, which I've completely forgotten. And, considering, on balance, filmic probably isn't actually a word. But what the hey.

Incidentally, Harry Potter. Now, much as I'd hate to spoil it (and I won't), those of you who are concerned about such things should probably know by now. The amount of spoil sports trying to ruin it are quite excessive (its weird though- imagine kids in a few years coming to the series for the first time, will be able to read ALL of them in a row. Within a couple of weeks, probably). I rather enjoyed it, although I know some critics don't, and I am aching to re-read it, although I am allowing my parents to do so first. 'Cause, you know, they paid for the things. Admittedly when I leave home I shall have to attain my copies. Or just visit home and read them I suppose. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, which is an intriguing saying, because it seems to imply that bridge crossing is a difficult activity. Something that people have to think about. Surely something like "ford that river" would be more appropriate, as that is a task that involves something more than, well, walking.


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