Thursday, August 18, 2005

My ex-girlfriend is a lying bitch

Hmph. So I go to a picnic today, and there she is, spouting lies about me to everyone! She KNOWS we shared our first kiss. It was so NOT just a peck on the cheek! I am practically certain that at the age of 8.. or maybe 9, we totally kissed once, and it was totally on the lips. We had to hide from all the other kids, for our love was a forbidden love. Both lurgy and girl germs were considered an issue.

Yes, after primary school, we parted ways, but I would have thought by now she would be over it, and would be willing to admit how great we were together... women eh?


At 3:02 am, Anonymous Amanda said...

Kieran, from one bitch ex girlfriend to the next, at risk of being accused of pointing out the obvious, I think the posts on your blog are slightly out of time... one day it might end up having major consequences and affecting the world you know!


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