Saturday, August 27, 2005

An appropriate title

I have a tedency to write the title for my blog post before I have decided what exactly I am going to blog about, which means I will often have a title that barely relates to the topic at hand.

Not that it particularly matters, but sometimes it is a tiny bit difficult to search for a specific blog post.

So anyway. Breakfast. I remember when I had breakfast. It was never a great time for me, and I would tend to eat the same thing every day. Exactly the same thing. There are certain foods, including toasted tea cakes, which I cannot eat anymore, because they remind me of that horrible early morning times. I don't eat breakfast anymore. At university I tend to get up just before having to leave, so I have to grab an apple to substitute as food, which really isn't that filling. And back home? Well, other than in recent days (thanks to a certain someone), I haven't really got up until past 12, so.. meh. I don't really miss breakfast, Its simply too early to eat food, even though I know I should. 3 meals a day being some kind of golden standard of healthiness.

Mobile phones. Heh. Its odd how things change. I used to detest mobile phones. Before... well probably university really, I barely ever used my phone, and had practically no numbers in it. Now I carry it round with me constantly, and without it I would not possess a social life. That doesn't mean I can't be annoyed with mobile phone users. There is rarely an excuse for shouting into a mobile phone, as usually their microphones are much better than their speakers (there may be a way to increase the volume of the speaker. I do not know it). Because of people like this, I am always deeply embarrased to phone people on the train, despite the fact that I normally actually need to do it. I tend to huddle up (as if this will make me less noticable when I am talking into a phone). God I hate phones in general, which is why I enjoy texting. Its not that I don't enjoy talking, anyone who knows me will tell you in an instant that that isn't true, I just hate talking on a phone. Urgh, its awful. I'm not I can define why exactly- perhaps I need eye contact or something, to confirm that my words are being appreciated. But put it short, phones are the devil. Apart from mobile phones because you can talk to people by writing to them! How civillised! Hoorah.

OK, I'm done. I was going to mock people for texting into those awful shows like big brother which allow you to contribute, saying things like "DEan U R sexy, PS Sharon will you marry me?" but once when I was younger I spent a fair bit of money getting a message about how great Guided by Voices was on to a show. In my defence, it WAS a request show... At least I didn't pretend to want to marry someone.... If as many people were getting engaged as implied by those sort of shows the entire population of Britain would be engaged to someone else....


At 11:24 am, Blogger Imperium child said...

Kieran first of all, u dont have a social life. Secondly u certainly can't possess one! That implies u have full control over it, eg your friends wont do anything unless u give the go ahead. Silly!


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