Saturday, September 10, 2005


Ah, London, the home of free sandwiches. Well, for us anyway. Adam and I went to a gig in London, which was free, designed to entice the media folk, but the nice people at the David Ford forum said fans could get in too. And so we did, and ate the free sandwiches, and drink the free drinks. This makes me feel that I am wasting my life doing a maths degree, as realistically that will not lead to a career in the media, and thus, no free sandwiches, which should be anyone's goal in life.

We managed to go the wrong way the maximum amount of times to this place, thanks to a map which appeared to have been printed south at the top, north at the bottom. Or, just, you know, a crappy sense of direction. As said event was in Oxford Circus it was necessary to visit Hamleys. I was disturbed to discover that many of my acquaintances have not been to that wonderful place (Adam included). For those of you who have never heard of it, Hamleys is a huge toy store, like that place I have completely forgotten the name of in the US.

Its brilliant. 6 stories of toys! All children (well, ok, all UK kids) should visit there in their lives. And its also awesome to kill time in, as while many of the things are a lot of fun to look at, theres no real urge to buy the things, unless your inner child is really strong.

I went to another gig in the evening. Now, it was a small enough venue, 8 pounds entry at the door, for a small band, the Broken Family Band. It was completely packed, and really hot. And yet a small proportion of the audience TALKED THROUGH THE WHOLE DAMN THING! WHY? WHY? If you pay to get into a gig, which is hot, and the drinks aren't that cheap (and available at the other bar downstairs), why talk? If you're not enjoying themselves the door is completely available. I just don't get it all.

I think our conclusion today is that free sandwiches are awesome.


At 10:41 pm, Blogger Fresher said...

Hamleys, the place of dreams.


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