Monday, September 05, 2005

Two days

No posts. I know, you must be shuddering with withdrawal... or something. I was away this weekend, in sunny Birmingham, discovering the joys of ineffectual air conditioning in a cramped train. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I am capable of producing more sweat in a minute than the average person can manage if given an hour.

So there was a wedding anniversary, and I was invited. I ate their food, I drank their beer and punch, and I breathed their helium. Is there anything more childish, and yet fun, than grabbing baloons and talking in squeaky voices? If there is, I must do it. Bubble wrap is of course up there.

There was for a time virtual bubble wrap, which was pointless as the sound was actually completely wrong (exactly how difficult it is to put a mike next to some bubble wrap I do not know, but apparently too difficult for this) so you got neither the feel or the noise, leaving only the appaerance, and it didn't look that good either. I will refrain from linking as I do not think it deserves it. And also I have forgotten the link.

Instead, I will link to the llama song, for those of you have not seen it before, and the spoof/tribute/satire/whatever dalek song.

On the train up I had every stereotypical annoying thing. Someone listening to dance music in front of me (why is it ALWAYS dance music?), a small child making irritating noises, a baby crying loudly, several people shouting into their phones (this was topped on a different train when three people decided to phone someone all at the same time, so I got three whole conversations at once!). Great, just great. Unfortunately there was no quiet carriage, which, but I couldn't have gone in it anyway, as someone might have phoned me, and then everyone would have looked at ME.

There was also a very odd lady who got on the train at peterborough, having bought some toilet paper, and got off at cambridge. Apparently there is a toilet paper shortage that I am unaware of.


At 10:17 pm, Blogger Imperium child said...

Maybe she forgot her purse and thought "what am I going to need the most..."


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