Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Yorkie bars. Not for girls apparently

So yeah, York, lovely sunny York, home (well, at least during university terms) to the lovely Alice. The station is quite remarkable as it manages to look quite pretty, as stations go- perhapps its just the fact that I'm used to the dinginess of London stations. Up north its al glamour you know.

Intriguingly at the station there is a sign pointing down some stairs which say "subway". Which is all well and good, but is about as useful as putting a sign in front of some stairs saying "stairs"- informative, but not particularly useful.

While waiting at the station in Cambridge I sat next to a fellow in a wheelchair. For reasons unkown except to him he was sitting in it in FRONT of an empty chair, denying someone the chance to sit. He then blew ash in my face. Not on purpose, but he gets a thumbs down in my big book of people, which I am labouriously compiling for the day that I become world leader and all lives are in my hands.

But yeah, a rather excellent few days, of which amusing anecdotes are limited to the personal, and the mundane, the transport portions going rather well, so I shan't go into too much detail. Unfortunately I don't have any photos to show you, seeing as I did not bring my camera.

I haven't got much else to say other than good riddance


At 12:23 pm, Blogger Fresher said...

I can just see the world in the hands of K, first off meat eating would be illegal, then anything more dangerous than a spoon would be incinerated, average life expectancy would take a nose dive (from all the suicides), pollution would also plummit because of the threat of a visit from the K squad to anyone making pollutants (a unique band of vegans and angry animal rights fanatics) finally the world will inexplicable turn into a square (cause K will want the universe to know that we are different).

At 12:36 pm, Anonymous Rob said...

You know a while back they made pink yorkie bars especially for girls. I bet they loved that.

At 10:06 pm, Blogger Kirbie said...

That was amusing fresher!, even if it was a little undeserved (concerning this post at least).
Our school prize for those who got top effort grades at the end of each year was a giant Yorkie bar. It was an all boys school - hehe, I only just realised why it was a Yorkie bar!


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