Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dr Who

"However, with every great news there is heartbreak. The BBC has also officially refuted the rumor that Head will play The Master in the next season. I have no clue why they wouldn't do this, save for the fact that if they actually went ahead and did it the sheer awesomeness would collapse the entire universe and reform itself into a matrix of cosmic perfection. Accredited studies at Oxford conclusivly indicate that if you thought about how awesome that actually would have been for more than ten minutes your brain would explode. It is believed such a casting would have actually created a form of fusion providing eighty-seven times greater the energy output of nuclear power. Entire colonies could have been created on distant worlds after starships were created able to run purely on the awesomeness of it.

But that won't happen now. I hope you're all happy, BBC."

From xoverboard


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