Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Best gig ever

Sigh, thanks to various rail problems we had to leave a gig in London early yesterday. And, thanks to there being an unexpected extra support band, we actually saw..... 2 and a half songs of Stephen Malkmus. And the first one we didn't know. Sigh.

So, I have to pack. I have avoided doing so for about 3 hours now, but time is coming close. Its weird, going back to uni... really weird. Still, its good too, and I shall undoubtedly enjoy myself. You shan't hear from me until monday, which I'm sure will hurt you dearly.

So I shall leave you with one query. Can one allow oneself to be violated? Necrophilia, is of course, illegal (at least, I should assume so), but if you were to specifically say so in your will, could philliacs have their way with you? Not that this is something I particularly intend to do, but its just curiosity.

(In case you are wondering I got to this particular thread of thought by thinking about the scene in Kill bill in which the implication was that they rape comotase victims. Just a little peek into my mind for you, you lucky lucky people).


At 7:14 pm, Blogger Jeff said...

we went for the Proclaimers' gig in Chicago, and it's soooo boring...


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