Saturday, October 01, 2005


Ah, with the arrival of my parents today,I am finally unpacked. It feels good. Everything is in its place, every poster on the wall, every cd on the shelf. Now to get to the nice long process of making this place a tip.

Things are proceeding nicely, I have almost kind of got my shit together for the societies fair I have to do on monday, so thats awesome. Hopefully I shall tempt the foolish freshers into joining my society. Oh the poor misguided ones, they will learn the error of their ways, but far too late, after I hook them up to my energy machine using humans to run it. I got the idea off the Matrix, which is actually a TRUE STORY.

Did anyone ever use bendy rulers? You know, those 30 cm rubber rulers, which were designed so you could fit them in a pencil case that wasn't, in fact, 30 cm long? They were rubbish. Their one point, the fore mentioned one, was negated by the fact that if you left them bent for too long they would deform so they were shaped like that, so it was infernally difficult to draw a straight line with them, which is a shame as drawing a straight line was what I used rulers for. I was always proud of my ability to be messy even while using a ruler, often managing to cross through my title, or just at a complete angle. Genius, no?

I'm not sure why rulers bother to tell us that they are shatter resistant anymore. As far as I know, ALL rulers are now shatter resistant. I suppose the metal rulers aren't, but then if you manage to shatter a metal ruler you're probably doing it intentionally and should get what you deserve. Surely no-one buys a ruler these days on the claim that they are shatter resistant? I wouldn' know, having not needed a ruler for a long time (mathematicians have no need of presentation!)

Urgh.... work starts again on monday. Urgh.


At 12:06 pm, Blogger Imperium child said...

The best rulers ever were those ones with the bend in the middle so u could draw a 15 cm straight line, then it would kink, and u could draw another 15 cm straight line.


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