Friday, October 07, 2005

I think my body is trying to tell me something

So last night was the first Amnesty meeting, and then social. Well, to be honest it was the One World social and we just joined in, but meh, I don't particularly care. I had 6 pints. Maybe 7. Today, I was horribly hungover, and threw up multiple times?

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? It's not like I was really drunk last night- while I was hardly sober, the fact that I can remember last night gives weight to my belief that I wasn't drunk. Most people are only sick after drinking INSANE amounts of alchohol. If I drink more than about 4 pints my stomach just goes

"Woah there buddy boy.... you do realise thats coming back out again, right? Probably with added bonuses?"

Stupid body. Still, I probably didn't help by going to my early lecture, meaning I had 4 hours of sleep to deal with the alchohol- its entirely possible when I woke up that I was still drunk. The lesson I should take from all this is to drink less, which is a fine and noble message, but I feel very rude not drinking in a pub (something I've noticed the female of the species do without qualms. Could be 'cause they're smarter than us) and I really hate getting non-alchoholic drinks in a pub. Not only are the prices total rip offs, it just feels... wrong. I suppose I could take longer drinking beer- I do remember lasting a pint 3 hours once. It was a dismal experience, in all honesty.

Anyways, Alice is coming today, so I may not blog this weekend. I know, I know, what will you do?


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