Tuesday, October 04, 2005

And NOW I've got a cold

So I've been really busy. Seriously, this is deeply unusual for me, I know, but after having 5 lectures today, spaced cunningly to keep me on campus from 9-6, and then getting home and having to sort out a bunch of Amnesty stuff, I'm feeling a little put upon. Still, a free day tomorrow- well ok not free at all, as my lecturers have already set me a nice collection of work to do anyway. Oh and I've gotta plan my first meeting for Amnesty.

But sort of free, if you consider something that is not at all free to be free anyways.

But anyways, as I mention, I have suddenly developed a cold, my immune system failing me. Doubtless it is from one of those freshers that wander round campus with their horrible disgusting bodies, spitting and breathing on everything. I wouldn't mind too much if it hadn't set upon m this evening, when I still had- still have- things to do. Oh well, can't complain... well I can, I'm kind of proving that, but what the hey.

Urgh. Signing out for now, I think. Keep it real, true believers.


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