Monday, October 10, 2005

Chewing gum

First of all, some links. If I haven't yet Copernicus Now is very interesting, and he linked to a fascinating discussion about abortion, whic is worth your time. I think such an argument is always worth following- it was by reading similar arguments that I became a vegetarian. It is ALWAYS worth challenging your views, especially about such contentious issues.

Today, I m going to talk about something far more basic. Chewing gum. OK, you like chewing gum. Thats cool- it keeps your breath fresh, and gives your mouth something to do, and probably tastes ok. But FOR GODS SAKE PUT IT IN THE GODDAMN BIN. OK, maybe you can't manage a bin- a tissue or some paper and then your pocket maybe? Yes, that is kind of weird IMAGINE WHAT IT FEELS LIKE WHEN YOU SIT IN IT, OR PUT YOUR HAND IN IT, YOU FILTHY FILTHY BASTARD.

And the same goes for ciggerette smokers. Sure, have your nasty habit. Breath it in my face even, and make me choke. But JUST PUT IT IN THE BIN WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED.

That will be all.

Incidentally- weekend=awesome.


At 10:32 pm, Anonymous hilarious catastrophe said...

"ah, a comment from a mysterious donor"... i know you're thinking such a thing at this moment. actually chewing gum pisses me off and always has done for the simple reason that every job i've had, all.... er....4 of them, i've ended up clearing chewing gum off carpet, clothes, or tables, or a mixture of all makes no sense. I blame the americans. Wrigleys just could keep to making soap could they....they had to invent something pointless too!! haha!

ah rant over....toodeloo!!! :o)

At 12:41 am, Blogger Copernicus Now said...

I smoked myself until my mid-twenties. Some smoking behaviours I can tolerate.

But when I'm in a restaurant and there are cigarettes in the ashtray on my table -- that's gross!!

It's like sitting down to eat in front of an unflushed toilet, while watching the flotsam swirl.

A few weeks ago, I sat down in a greasy poutine (fries, gravy and cheese curds) joint. I lifted up the newspaper, and there was an unflushed toilet bowl.

I very gingerly picked it up, then stood up to empty it.

When I was halfway standing, I discovered a warm, wet wad of gum stuck on the front of my trousers, with the gooey umbilical cord attached to the table.

I said THINK!, but it didn't help.


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