Friday, October 14, 2005

Awesome webcomics

The best webcomics on the net. Some are on the webcomic list just because of infrequent updates.

Start at the party and never look back

Bob the Angry Flower
-one shot strips. Very funny

College Roomies from Hell-Funny, and also rather moving in places, this ones plot keeps getting more and more complex.... Although updates have become more and more infrequent

Concerned-A half life 2 comic. Whats not to like? (Now finished)

Dominic Deegan-Fantasty webcomic. Very funny. Lots of puns....

El Goonish Shive-Far too complex to explain...

Girly-A comic about two lesbians and their rather madcap adventures.

-two gamers in Tokyo. With dating sim fun!

8 Bit Theatre-A sprite comic about the characters from FF1. Well. Sort of.

-Jeff Rowlands day to day life. Well. Sort of.

PvP-gaming comic. Except its not really about gaming at all.

Penny Arcade-The original gaming comic.

Questionable Content
-Indie kids have fun

Dinosaur comics
-SOO good. Same pictures every day, ever funny jokes.

Rob and Elliot Comics-Ludicrous antics of two flatmates. Very funny.

Sluggy Freelance
-Absolutely awesome

Irregular webcomic-Lego characters! Wooh!

Something Positive-Best.Webcomic.Ever.


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