Friday, November 09, 2007

Damp and asbestos

It has been a time of discoveries in the house of Kieran and Alice. First of all was my rather unpleasent discovery that apparently the mathematics department is made out of asbestos. Standing at ten stories high, it is the ugliest and one of the oldest buildings on the campus (being a 60s university, thats not an amazing feat), and has apparently still got asbestos there, with handy warning signs telling us not to disturb the walls or risk cancer. Well ok they don't say the cancer part, my mind fills that in when drifting during lectures.

At home meanwhile we have a bit of a damp problem. Because the house is so poorly ventilated condensation is a serious problem, and while we thought we had it under control, Alice discovered that all her shoes which had been living in a box were covered in mold. Lovely. Luckily enough running them through the washing machine or hand washing appears to have done the trick, without ruining them as well, and we have rearranged the furniture to better notice the build up of damp. The de-humidifier is on most of the time.

Also, inexplicably the storage heaters have stopped... giving out heat... which is curious. We are giving them a little bit of time to work their magic, but having no real understanding of them, for all I know they could go into hibernation for a few days to give out some extra special quality heat. Who knows? Well probably our landlady, who we shall probably phone....

Thursday, November 01, 2007


I'm not gonna diss on haloween this year, although my feelings towards it are mostly hostile, because I suspect that you've all heard what I've had to say about it before.....

I actually got dressed up this year. It was going to be zombie jesus, but instead it was just a zombie. And kind of a rubbish one at that. I did actually take a photo of it but I don't have a lead for it. At the moment items in our house keep going missing, and considering our house is in fact a flat with 3 rooms, I'm not entirely sure where things are going. Possibly goblins or gremlins, to go with the haloween theme.

So time is slipping by, and it's already been a month into my course. Lots and lots of coursework has been set, and more will be next week. All super fun!