Friday, August 27, 2004


I consider myself a bit of a film buff. Not a lot of one- while I have seen hundreds, possibly thousands of films, I am well aware there are many, many films that I haven't seen that I should have. Because they're awesome.

A really good film can do so much- it can move you, it can teach you, or it can just amaze you. Or if you're in the mood for something a little more low brow, like the classic Airplane, it can make you laugh til you cry.

'Course, I have an interest in a lot of things- I get astonished when people don't watch films, yes, but people who don't read surprise me, because reading is such a valuable skill, and a really good book can take you away from life more effectively than any other medium in the world.

I think thats part of my problem- I tend to be a jack of all trades. I can impress people who know little about any subject, because I tend to have some knolwedge in all of them, but when I talk to a specialist I end up feeling rather stupid. But meh, as I get older I'll learn more about everything. Or so is the plan. Right now, I'm trying to watch as many films as I possibly can.

So as to aid that, finally getting to my belaboured point, I went round a friend- Ella's- house last night and we took advantage of blockbusters excellent new old films section, where you can rent 3 movies for a fiver. And we watched 3 classics, all of which I haven't seen- Goodfellas, Dr Strangelove, and Full Metal Jacket.

I would reccomend all of these films. Two of them, as you might notice, are Kubrick films, who's a bit of a leg- you've got to see Clockwork Orange because its fantastic. Honestly though, these are all great. Probably the least good is Goodfellas, because as a gangster film it doesn't have THAT much new to say, and while Full Metal Jacket is about vietnam ( a subject covered to death), its an early example, and the section of the film in boot camp is frickin' incredible. As for Doctor Strangelove- its very funny, and its harsh, biting satire of the cold war still works very effectively today.

There was also a revelation made at this evening, but thats for another post.

Thursday, August 26, 2004


Went to a party last night, which I always enjoy. Parties all hinge on about 2 hours into them. Up to that point everything should be a tiny bit awkward and odd, and then, suddenly, it all kicks off and you enjoy yourselves immensly. It might have something to do with alchohol settling in, but I like to believe its caused entirely by magic.

Of course, the low part of the party used to be the alchohol running out, but I find that as a student that never happens, because all students prepare for that eventuality, and bring collosal amounts of alchohol. Apart from me, because, well, I tend to walk to them so I don't wanna carry that much. I bring a small supply and rely on the kindness, and by kindness, I mean stupidity of others, who for some reason put their alchohol on the kitchen table- some kind of sharing ethic apparently, I don't subscribe to it. Actually, girls bring lots of alchohol too. Because I always start on beer, then when that runs out, I go to the spirits and wine, and men ALWAYS bring beer. Its not even that men outnumbered women at this party- they didn't.

Of course, the low point of this party was probably my ex-girlfriend being there, which was a tad awkward. We're both very, very mature though, so clearly it wasn't a problem. She was just irritatingly happy, thats all. I mean, ok, I enjoyed myself too, but there were moments of sadness. She had far too much of a good time.

but I'm happy for her. As long as she doesn't find someone else before I do....

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

compilation cd

I am a fan of indie music. The Eels, the Supernaturals, Catatonia, the Breeders, early Weezer (green album and maladroit are painful, but pinkerton is one of the greatest albums ever). Of course, one of the great things about a lot of indie music, is a huge amount of it is a failure to get love. Almost exclusively it focuses on the negative aspects of love, probably to cheer up its target audience, who are all virgins.

Well, ok, thats a little unfair. I mean I'm not a virgin, but I'm sure thats more by fluke than any kind of innate success with women, but we shall see.

Anyway, thats hardly my point. The point is, I've wanted to make a compilation album entitled "songs for the dumped", inspired by the Ben Folds song of a similar name for ages, but I felt it inappropriate while in a relationship. But now I'm not. I dunno about you guys, but compilation albums are considerable fun. To make, I mean. Run of the mill, compilation albums you buy in a shop have at least 5 songs that suck, and are only worth buying to copy the songs onto your hard drive then make your own compilation cd using them.

The thing is aobut compilation cds, is you can get your most favourite songs in the whole world, and put them onto one cd. I know that seems obvious, but its damn cool. Its also much easier than the old days when you had to use a tape and a considerable amount of patience. I say old days meaning 5 years ago, of course, which is practically prehistoric.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

single life

So, yeah, been single (oficially) for a whole day now, which is exciting. Of course, I've been effectively single for 6 months, having seen neither head nor tail of Amanda in that time. Hmm, thats an odd expression really. Its always used to apply to humans. I imagine its politer than saying "I've seen neither head nor arse of them".

But anyways, yes, I went down the pub to drown my sorrows, and it was good. Drinking is one of the most sacred arts in the universe, I think. Its great, although every single time theres a big drinking event at university, it is invariably me who makes a fool out of himself, mainly not so much because I'm a lightweight, but because I drink collosal amounts. I get to a point when I stop counting and, as at the most recent time (the last day of term at university) when I drank 17 carlings, then suggested to my friends to watch this anime we had (tenge tenjo) and talked through the entire thing. I apparently told one friend that there were plenty more fish in the sea a painful amount of times, and asked a friend whether he was gay about 500 times.

Sigh. But yeah, drinking is good. Of course, I tend to throw up the next morning after drinking. On the night itself I shall be fine, but the next day I will feel horrible, and spend most of it hovering near the toilet, moaning. So I try and drink less. Of course, next time theres a pub crawl or birthday, I shall ignore that, and regret it again, but that is my duty as a student, of course.

Monday, August 23, 2004


I've broken up with my girlfriend! Hoorah. OK, that might sound odd but really our relationship has been falling apart for so damn long that it really is a relief to end it. Luckily for me, because I still find her gob-smackingly gorgeous, she wanted to break up with me too, so the transition was relatively easy.

Hmm, so now I'm gonna get drunk and watch princess Mononoke, an anime film I bought in forbidden planet the other day.

Incidentally, beer+popcorn+quality movie=heaven.

Sunday, August 22, 2004


I might have to change my skin, much as this layout is absolutely delightful.....

hi there y'all

Hi, and so I start another blog with the optimistic plan of posting every day, but with the advantage of an internet connectionthat is consistent AND absolutely nothing to do.

A bit about me... I'm British, aged 19 and studying maths at Bath university. Yes, I am THAT exciting. I have a girlfriend, which is possibly destroying the whole title of the blog thing, but to be fair I haven't actually seen her in over 6 months. So its hardly what you'd call a relationship filled with passion right now.

I created this blog to, not, as you might fear, bemoan my bad luck with the fairer sex. Oh no. I intend to bemoan everything under the sun I can possibly think of, and hopefully entertain along the way. As a warning, I am quite political (for want of a better description) and may occasionally make some kind of an issue about something. But not too much- there are some smart people out there, and spring to mind, who have far more interesting things to say than I do- so hopefully if you find this blog I can keep you reading it, and possibly even become internationally famous. Well, you never know.