Monday, September 17, 2007

Back in the library

Once again I am blogging in a library, this time southampton university library, so I get to use my laptop and access via wifi, with new fangled modern technology.

It is all go here, we have finally acquired some furniture and have explored southampton a little bit more, so we can reach a cinema, although we have to cross what feels like several motorways along the way. Southampton is not the most pedestrian friendly city, it's design seems to assume you have a car, although considering one of the cinemas is attached to several clubs I'm not entirely sure how the clubees are meant to get there. Probably illegally driving back I should imagine.

This sunday shall be Alice's birthday, so I imagine I will buy presents for her at some point, and next week I'm off for an open day at a pharmacutical company, because thats just the kind of crazy guy I am. Week after that my course start, a prospect that gives me minor dread......

Hopefully at some point i'll also have the net.... we can only hope.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Am in Southampton with Alice! All is exciting, and we are slowly aquiring furniture. Sadly Alice has this thing called taste, which prevents of from getting any old thing that fits within the flat. Having said that she has taste, she did attempt to have a picture of a baby in a trumpet put on our wall. Which I am religiously opposed to.

Am typing this in the local library, as we do not have an internet connection, so for once I have an excuse for my rather sporadic blog posting, which is nice. I am afriad it will remain this way until the end of the month, when the nice people from carphone warehouse have promised to give us a 7.5 mb connection. Which I hear is good. It'll mean I can blog at double the speed!