Monday, August 24, 2009


Oh my I love podcasts. My initial reason for wanting an ipod was music, but I found that day by day, I tired of hearing the same songs, and wanted something new. Hence, ipods. I started simple, with the friday night comedy podcast from radio 4, and the adam and joe show, and soon broadened myself out.

I now listen to:

Phill and Phil's perfect 10
Collins and Herring
Kermode on radio 2
film spotting
av talk
av hatecast
rock paper shotgun
pc gamer

and of course, the excellent Answer me this, my favourite of them all. Answer Me this is definitely the one I would recommend if you were to listen to only one. It features two londoners answering questions from the general public in an amusing an entertaining fashion. Its an extremely affable experience, often hilarious, and always charming. Its also entirely free, with a massive back log of episodes to listen to.

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